FERMIOL® Дрожди за зърнен алкохол (уиски) 15гр.


Разфасовка от 15гр. за влагане в 100л. зърнена каша.
За членове на АДПБ -10% отстъпка.

FERMIOL® са инстантни активни сухи дрожди Saccharomyces cerevisiae DY 7221.


FERMIOL® могат да бъдат добавени директно към кашата от всякаква суровина, съдържаща ферментационни захари, за алкохолна ферментация. Като алтернатива, смес от кашата и топла вода може да се използува зa разтваряне на дрождите. Никога не разтваряйте FERMIOL® в чиста вода.

Fermiol® Super HA is a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae which has been selected
on its relatively high resistance to elevated alcohol concentrations. It is used to convert
fermentable sugars to CO2 and alcohol. Temperatures between 30oC and 38oC
will not have much influence on the fermentation activity, and Fermiol® Super HA
has the capability to cope with fluctuations in the pH of the mash. In addition, it has
a substantial quantity of thiamine-pyrophosphate which is a co-enzyme produced in
the yeast and important for the fermentation rate. The practical advantage of Fermiol
® Super HA is vacuum packaging, which makes its shelf life very long. For this
reason, Fermiol® Super HA can be used as a back-up for those propagating their
own yeast and as a primary yeast for others.
With Fermiol® Super HA it is possible to:
- Reduce yeast addition compared to active dry yeast
- Produce little to no foam
- Reduce glycerol
- Ferment at higher temperatures, without risk of stuck fermentation
- Ferment to higher alcohol yields without yeast inhibition

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